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Isn’t her fur so beautiful? I love how gorgeous her little coat is. Obviously, this has nothing to do with the great food daddy feeds her and everything to do with her licking herself really good, she will let you know!

Here’s the same beautiful shot in black and white!

IMG_20160501_070623 (1)

Look at this shot from yesterday morning!

Beautiful Samantha was snuggling with Gabby right up until Gabby saw something out the window that she definitely wanted to hunt! But Mommy said, “No, we’re snuggling just a little while longer!”


19 Replies to “Selfie Sunday – Such A Pretty Kitten!

    1. She really is! My mother-in-law and myself are the only ones that can see it for some reason, but if you get her in the light juuuuuuust right, her little green eyes look ice blue. Thanks for stopping by! I love your blog!

    1. She snuggles great! She doesn’t snuggle daddy though, because I tend to roll over in the middle of the night and rather unceremoniously shove her off the bed! We woke up one morning and she was curled up on the floor next to daddy’s side 🙁 lol

    1. Gabby is super friendly with humans that have treats, and she’s great with other cats as long as they don’t have to interact lol She’s such a fraidy cat, that she’s super stand-off-ish until she gets to know you.

    1. She is the whiskeriest cat that I have ever seen! She has really long ones on her face, she has them behind her eyes, over her eyes, just everywhere! Good whisker genes, this one!

  1. [This person decided to insult us and tell us about how we don’t truly love our cat and don’t have a real bond with her. As such, their comments have been removed and the author has been blocked from commenting further.]

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