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Hey there everyone! Iz Gabby, I took ober the bloog for today. Mommy says its “Soofie Soonda” which means I have show everyone pretty pictures of my face, which is totally fine with me. Obamussly, I made the prettiest one the footure oomag for today. But here are some other pictures that I also took and liked.

 Some other Selfie Sundays that mommy enjoyed

When Gabby and I sat down to write this there weren’t many Selfie Sunday posts up yet, but of the ones that were, these were my favorite:

  • The Cat On My Head – Such a beautiful baby, and incredibly festive photo!
  • Mudpie – This beautiful tortie had to go to the vet unexpectedly. Gabby made me include this one so you could all see how horrible the dreaded “sticky butt place” is. You know they stick things in your butt there!
  • Brian, Gracie, & Dolly – These three precious kitties are sitting under a light-up tree! Something Gabby staunchly decries as trickery, because we all know light up trees aren’t real.
  • The Island Cats – Ernie is such a gorgeous black cat. Am I the only one that wants to get an all black cat and name it ‘Snowball’?

Yes, mommy. You are. Now back to me!

Bonus hot chookit recipe!

This is my favorite hot chookit recipes, cause it turns milk into yummy milk. Now, obamussly, kitties cannot drinks this stuff! It is just for smelling really good – much better than that stinky water the big kitties drink in the morning!

Combines all the dry stuffs in a moog, and then pour in hot, delicious milk. But just add a tiny little bits, enough to turn the dry stuff into a paste. Then stir and slowly add the rest of the delicious, warm milkies. Once all of the milks are combined, add just a small splash (mommy says, ‘less than a toospin’) of the vanoola extract. 

Now obamussly the little kitties don’t drinks this milk, it just smells real good. But mommy says if you big kitties want to drink it make sure you remembers the pinch of salt to cut down on bitterness.

Okay! That’s it! I’mma go nap time in the sun now. ???

9 Replies to “Selfie Sunday – Look At My Pretties Edition

    1. Tank you! I’m just so glad someone understands all of the hard work I do around here!

      You know, I swear, if it weren’t for my constant hunting out of the hunty windows, I’m convinced these big kitties here would starves to death!

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