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GabbyTheTabby.com participates in several affiliate marketing programs, including the Amazon Associates Program, eBay Partner Network, Healthy Paws Pet Insurance Program, and more. We participate in these programs to help support our website. The cost of hosting the website as well as the cost of the time given to making posts, creating videos, image editing, and more, can become expensive over time.

To mitigate these costs, we take advantage of affiliate marketing to help us gain some revenue on our efforts here.

What This Means For You:ย When you click through a hyperlink on our website (they look like this) and it leads you to a merchant (such as Amazon, ClickBank, or another, independent retailer). If you make a purchase from that merchant, we may receive a small commission.

You should assume that when you click a link that the link you clicked was an affiliate link – but know that it isn’t always. We only support, recommend, and promote products that we personally use with our Gabby, Fide, and Gracie and often will promote products even if they don’t or can’t make us money.

We run this blog as a hobby (as it’s infrequent updating would suggest) and not as a serious means of income.

Thank you.

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