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Do I need two litter boxes?

Litter boxes can be a challenge for both new and veteran cat owners alike. Not all cats will use the litter box instinctively and must be litter trained. Not to mention, if you have more than one cat, how many litter boxes should you have, ideally? There are some general numbers to follow when it …


5 Indicators of Your Cat’s Mood

Cats are weird, funny, and adorable little creatures, aren’t they? One of the most rewarding parts of being a cat owner is that funny little language you end up speaking with your cat, and the cute little games you develop together. Gabby and Daddy have created one such game, and I’ve got to warn you: …


Should You Get A Cat?

My wife and I recently took a day trip to the beach to enjoy some alone time. We left Gabby at the house with plenty of food and water and a certainty that she would enjoy having a day to nap and play without mommy or daddy (mostly daddy) constantly picking her up, petting her, …


How to pet a shy cat

A lot of cats are very friendly and outgoing and absolutely want to be pet and be the center of attention. And those cats are lovely and we adore them. But not all cats are like that. Our little Gabby is super skittish and tends to be very much the definition of a “fraidy-cat”. We …