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The Yule Cat – Jólakötturinn

It’s Christmas time and with Christmas comes great Christmas stories! There are all sorts of Christmas stories told all around the world, and one of the most interesting is from Iceland and involves Jólakötturinn  – literally, ‘The Yule Cat’. The Yule Cat was a large and prowling creature, monstrous, who prowled around the Icelandic countryside …


Cat Night Activity Keeping You Awake?

Every time we’re asked about cat night activity, I’m reminded of the movie Gremlins. Have you ever seen the movie Gremlins? It’s an eighties horror-comedy about these cute little creatures that suddenly turn into vicious monsters if you feed them after midnight. It’s a movie about cats, am I right? If you’re a cat owner, …


Does my cat like me?

A lot of pet-parents, cat owners, and fur moms wonder if their cats like them. This seems to be a bit trickier with cats than with dogs. Dogs feel very “on” or “off”, but cats can feel very indifferent. Just a quirk of their independent (seeming) nature.  So how do you know if your cat …


Do I need two litter boxes?

Litter boxes can be a challenge for both new and veteran cat owners alike. Not all cats will use the litter box instinctively and must be litter trained. Not to mention, if you have more than one cat, how many litter boxes should you have, ideally? There are some general numbers to follow when it …

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