9 Awesome Cat Trees (You Can Get On Amazon)

If you own a cat then you know that everything in your home is an object to be climbed upon, pawed at, and otherwise rubbed by your feline housemates. That is what makes Cat Trees so indispensable to a cat owner! Imagine: A piece of furniture in your home for your cat. It serves no purpose other than to be climbed on, clawed at, and headbutted.

We are huge fans of Cat Trees here at Gabby The Tabby! That’s why we have put together a list of the 9 Best Cat Trees Amazon Has To Offer for you here today. Disclaimer: We haven’t purchased all of these ourselves. We did, however, make sure to only choose cat trees that had plenty of high reviews.

The Sebastian Modern Cat Tree (in Black)

 We love everything about these cat trees. It has a sleek and modern design and you can use it as an actual shelf if you need.

The low-key, modern style of this tree compliment your home. And your cats will love to climb on it. It has carpeted and scratching areas designed for them to dig their little claws into. This makes the tree easier for them to jump and climb up on.

While the straight on picture doesn’t show it off too well, the Sebastian Modern Cat Tree has staggered depths on each layer, so you cat will be able to climb all the way to the very tippy-top with ease.

We know that every cat loves to find little hideaways and nooks to explore. This cat tree delivers just that! Plenty of little hideaways and cubbies for your furbaby.

It’s like a bookshelf for your kitty. A cat shelf.

CatistrophiCreations Deluxe Wall Mounted Cat Playplace

The good folks over at CatistrophiCreations have created a truly amazing cat tree. Their idea is to wall mount all of the pieces so that they take up less floor space. This also allows your cat to have their own little kingdom.

It is such a beautiful idea. We like that it takes a concept that cat owners have dreamed about for years and made it easily accessible. Now you can turn your house into an urban cat jungle!

While not the lowest cost option on this list, the Deluxe Wall Mounted Playplace delivers a high quality, hand crafted cat tree that will give your kitty a whole new world to explore.

These are all manufactured by hand in the United States. You can know that every piece of this cat tree will be high quality and durabl. These are made to last you and your kitties for years and years.

If you have a higher budget for this sort of thing and want to check out some more elaborate designs, head on over to their website and take a look at what they offer.

Go Pet Club Beige Cat Tree

How great is this? The Go Pet Club Beige Cat Tree is designed to look like a literally tree for your cats to climb!

This one is a little less sleek than some of the other options on this list. But what it lacks in fashion it makes up for with being such a cute and functional piece.

This cat tree gives your cats a nice little bed area to hide inside. It also features three different level perches to enjoy. And soft carpeting covers the whole thing!

It stands at just over 3 feet and comes in a variety of colors. So don’t worry if the beige and brown aren’t working for you. The construction appears to be very sturdy. There is plenty of surface area for your cats to rub and scratch on.

Apex Cat Tree Tower

The Goodfolks at FrontPet have created a beautiful and modern “cat tower” that looks beautiful and doesn’t take up a massive amount of room (a common problem among cat trees).

The Apex Cat Tree Tower is about 5.5 feet tall and features four shelves for you cat to lounge on. Each shelf has a carpeted cover layer to ensure that your cat doesn’t slip or fall when climbing the tower.

Your cat can scratch at or lounge on the carpeted layers at his or her discretion.

And while the Apex Cat Tree Tower is tall, it isn’t especially wide – no more than 3 feet at its widest – making it reasonably sized to fit almost anywhere, even in smaller homes.

The Refined Feline Lotus Tower

Refined Feline is an amazing cat product brand that offers a variety of awesome products, including cat trees and wall mounted cat play sets (like in our side bar). We absolutely love the look and feel that Refined Feline produces, and that is especially true for this gorgeous cat tower.

The tower itself sits at over 5 feet tall but isn’t especially wide, making it a good fit in most rooms. It has a very flowery and smooth feel to it’s wonderfully modern design. You know that this is a piece of furniture that will look like it belongs in your home.

What sets this tower apart is how sleek and sophisticated it is – you won’t have some hulking, carpeted monstrosity in your living room. Your can will be able to easily climb the beautiful, staggered shelving units, as well.

The Refined Feline Lotus Tower‘s surfaces are all carpeted for grip and are scratch ready for all your kitty’s mighty claws can throw at it. The Lotus Tower also features a beautiful, almost invisible, scratching pad for your cat to work their claws on.

The hidden cubby hideaway on the bottom will give your cat a safe little place to hide. And the curled couch shelf on top gives kitty a wonderful little napping area.

Place in sunlight for best results.


Go Pet Club Cat Trees

This is the second entry from Go Pet Club on this list and it is absolutely the king of cat trees: Go Pet Club 74″ Cat Tree.

This thing is huge! It sits at a hulking 6 feet tall, it is very wide, and I’m sure it is incredibly heavy. It features four carpeted shelves for your cats to climb or lay on. Your cat can easily climb the staggered shelving.

Near the top your cats will find a hanging feathered toy for them to bat at and play around with. The level under the toy is rather wide. This allows them to waller and lay under the toy as they play with it.

Your kitty cat can sit on the soft, carpeted top, to survey her kingdom comfortably.

The Go Pet Club 74″ Cat Tree also features a hidey-hole for your kitties to occupy when necessary, a scoop bed for them to lay down in, and a hammock that is perfect for those lazy Sunday cat naps.

Each level also has its own dedicated sisal scratching post, with the whole structure boasting 5 scratching posts in all.

If you’re looking for a cadillac cat tree, this is it.

The Roypet 32″ Cat Trees & Perch

If you live in an apartment, have only one cat, or a smaller budget for cat furniture (all of these apply to us), then these Roypet 32″ cat trees are for you!

The Roypet 32″ cat tree is under 3 feet but still has tons of features that your cat is sure to enjoy.

At the very base of the tree is a nice little hiding place for your kitty. They can crawl in here when in need of some quality alone time. The little alcove also doubles as an arched scratching pad, perfect for stretching out and sharpening those little clawsies on.

The second level is nice and wide, and comfortably carpeted, giving your kitty a nice place to waller and tan, and even play with the dangly little toy that’s built on to the top level.

That top level is a comfortable little kitty bed which is the perfect size for a cat to curl up in. Pro-Tip: You can also fit a small and comfy cat bed in there for extra sleepability.

Sisal covers every support structure on the entire cat tree to encourage healthy scratching.

Armarkat B5701 – 57″ Cat Trees

The Armarkat B5701 is a gorgeous 57″ indoor cat tree (shown here in ivory, with other colors available) that is sure to be a hit with your pretty kitty. The tree features four levels at staggered intervals for easy climbing.

The very top of the tree is a comfortable perch that is perfect for lounging and napping. The perch just below it is the exact right size for sitting. All kitties enjoy sitting like beautiful little fur-statues!

The Armarkat 57″ Cat Tree also has a nice little alcove with two entrances where your cat can nap safely away from other cats, loud noises, or anything else that may disturb them.

This tree features a nice rope toy for active and engaging play and sisal covered support posts to encourage healthy scratching. All of the surfaces of the Armarkat are carpeted so that they are soft on your kitty’s paws and are safe and easy to climb.

If you’re looking for a classic cat tree for your little city-lion, this is the one.

The Furhaven Tiger Tough Cat Tree House

So we always try to save the best for last, and we definitely did that here. The Furhaven Tiger Tough Cat Tree House is more than just a cat tree – it’s a jungle experience for your little house kitty.

The Furhaven Tree House has five levels and stands at a staggering 70″ tall. It features two separate cat condos for your furbabies to hide away in, jump through, and entertain themselves with.

The lower of the two cat condos also has a little hanging toy for your cats to play with!

There is a climbing ladder between the second and third levels of the tree so your cats can climb up if they get tired of jumping around. The third level also has a hanging ball toy for your cats to bat around.

Each level has its own dedicated sisal scratching post to help encourage healthy scratching behavior in your cats.

The top level is a nice and high perch for your house lion to use to sit, sleep, or lay. This perch is also great for them to enjoy the scenery of their living room from. The perch at the top has a spring attached ball toy built for rough and fun play.

The highest perch and the cat condo below it also give access to a built in Cat IQ box toy that has two bell-filled balls inside and various holes through which your cat can paw to try and get to them ensuring hours of engaging and challenging play.

If you’re looking for the ultimate cat tree for your home – this is the one.

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November 30, 2017

Where did you get the cat tree that you have as a background with the plants on it? That’s the one I want…

November 30, 2017

That’s the second one on the list 🙂


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