The subject of cat toys is a funny one because you will spend tons of money on a cat tree only to find that cat would prefer to chill in the box. Cats are likely to be just as happy with a ball of tin foil as they are with a stuffed mouse. The secret is simple: A great cat toy is one that stimulates the cat’s need to predate – to hunt.

I decided to revisit this older post today and see if I couldn’t find some great cat toys on Amazon that do just that: Keep your cat entertained in a healthy way, but won’t break the bank. I restricted my search to a few criteria: All the products must be affordable for anyone, and all the products have as close to 5-star reviews as possible. I realized, when looking over this post of my pick of the best cat toys on Amazon, that some of them were out of stock, others had higher quality versions available, and there were so many I left off! I included a picture of the toy and a customer review from Amazon for each one. I hope you find something here that your kitty will love!

Pet Zone Fly

“Our cats like it. There was no hesitation to start batting the toy around. Though our one male caught the butterfly and started chewing it. The plastic butterfly is flexible which helps produce the buzzing noise when it twirls around so that means the butterfly is now a bit chewed up in the one corner. I will have to see if I can find some replacement butterflies as my guess is the butterfly itself will need replacing soon enough.

It takes only one AAA battery. You open the battery compartment by twisting the bottom base.

Overall a neat concept I’ve not seen in cat toys before.”

Catit Senses Play Circuit

“I had recently read an article about aleviating boredom in cats and this product was mentioned so I decided to get one for my young male cat Toby. He played with it almost immediately & rarely walks by it without stopping to send the ball rolling. I have it laid out in a wavy line and it is fun to watch him stalk the ball as it passes the openings. The design is unique as the end pieces are slightly elavated so the ball hits the end & is sent back the other way.”

Natural Pet Feather Wand

“This is an interactive, feather dangler toy for your cat(s). The wand comes in two pieces that easily slip together. This toy is similar in nature to Da Bird, but the pole is much better–Da Bird’s is made from fiberglass, and over time, it shreds and can become dangerous to your kitties (and you!) That won’t happen with this pole, as it’s made from plastic.

The feathers flutter nicely, and two of our cats enjoyed playing with it. In fact, our one cat just went nuts, jumping and rolling all over. It was fun to watch. 🙂

This toy comes with THREE feathers, so you can either change them when they wear out or put a new one on just for fun. I tried all three feathers and our cats loved them all.

Two thumbs up for this toy!”

Cat Toy Collection Box

“Though my cat does not seem to care about the stand-alone toys in this box, he is in love with the mice on elastic string.

This has been an amazing buy and I’m so happy to have finally found a place that sells the type of stuff my cat likes. Everything is really phenomenal quality and is worth every cent!”

PAWZ Road Cat Tunnel

“Our Cats are LOVING this Tunnel. It is like we got them a new Play Station 4. They run through it all the time and LOVE it. It is exceptionally good quality, and we love the leopard print. We love it so much we want to get another one.”

Bergan Turbo Scratcher Toy

“It’s taken our 9-week old male kitten quite a few days to learn how to fully enjoy his new Turbo Scratcher, but it is well worth it! In the beginning he found it very entertaining to watch and he would come running whenever we moved the ball around. We’ve had to help him learn how to move the ball on his own, gently grabbing his paws and pushing the ball for him; now he’s finally started to use it on his own and plays with it until he’s wiped out. He still hasn’t figured out that he can scratch the middle part, but we figure he’ll learn soon now that he’s started to play with it and using his claws on the ball.

Plus, it’s just darn entertaining for us to watch him play with it and scoot himself along the track!”

SmartyKat Hot Pursuit

“Wow, this is so much better than the Cat’s Meow toy that I picked up last year at the grocery store (As Seen on TV Aisle). I was pleasantly surprised at how quiet this toy is. My kitten seriously played with this toy for an hour, non-stop. I finally had to shut it down because he looked exhausted, but he couldn’t stay away from it. It has 4 different speeds, Low, Medium, Fast, and Random. It seems like the Random speed is more exciting than the other speeds. The only downside is that the little connection that has feathers on it comes off if my kitten pulls on it too hard when he grabs it. It does click when it’s placed on but will still pop off. I’m just going to glue it on, not a deal breaker.

Please don’t buy the Cat’s Meow and buy this toy instead for your sanity.”

Catit Senses Digger

“We have two cats. One is a digger/over eater. The other is a chaser/grazer. The grazer was driving me insane with wanting to eat two bites twenty times a day, and the digger was wolfing down her food and vomiting all over the place. So, we got this for our digger, and the Petsafe Slimcat ball for our grazer. LOVE THEM both. It took about a week for the cats to get used to getting their meals this way, but they each have their own thing, and the grazer doesn’t harass me in my own home anymore. She can feed herself. The amazing thing is that the digger is not interested in the ball, and the grazer is not really interested in this. The digger has mastered getting food out of this fast, but not as fast as she was eating before. She did vomit a few times at first (in anticipation of food) but that seems to have stopped. I highly recommend this product to slow down a cat and make them work for their food.”

The Ripple Rug

“I have to say, when I opened the package, I didn’t get it. It is this lumpy brown rug that I laid down on my kitchen floor and thought, there goes $40. But wait a second, here come my cats. I have three. They immediately started playing with it. I’ve now had it for a couple of weeks and the cats absolutely love it. They drag their possessions to the rug (and some of mine, too) and hide things, they play, they nap, they just really like it. So, it isn’t lovely to MY eyes, but, then I’m not a cat. To my cats, this is nirvana.”

Pawaboo Pet Teasing Toy

“My cat’s (all 3) went crazy over this toy. They all loved trying to catch the mouse and they played with this for a long time. The mouse stops and goes the opposite way when they catch it so it will not hurt your cats. It’s fun to watch them sticking their paws inside the holes to catch the mouse. It has two different settings, fast and slow. The fast is not so fast that it whips by it goes a little faster than the slow. It’s a really fun toy and my cats love it.”

Petstages Tower of Tracks Cat Toy

“A friend recommended this cat toy, as her cat loved it, and she was right to recommend it. My cats love it, too. They will play with the one-level type round track/ball toys, but they really get distracted by this one. It is well designed, and the balls roll so easily that I swear breathing on them would propel them (haven’t tried that yet). Plus, when one ball moves, the other two tend to move, thoroughly engaging the cats. It’s sturdy enough for my 14 and 15-lb. cats, too. And the toy’s footprint is not too big, like some of the other round track toys. One more nice feature: you can hide toys and treats down the center of this toy and the cats will fish them out. My cats are 7+ years old (i.e., not playful kittens) and this toy still attracts them.”

Catit Design Senses Food Maze

“I became interested in this product because I have four indoor cats, and I worry about their eating habits since they don’t play as much as they did when they were kittens. One cat was becoming increasingly overweight – the veterinarian said it was time for an intervention before his weight started negatively affecting his health. My other cat devoured his food so quickly (even though it was left out all day) that he choked and threw it back up un-chewed. The other two cats just seemed bored. I was unable to transition to “feeding times” as opposed to free feeding because all the cats would yowl and yowl until I provided food, and my roommates threatened to move out if I couldn’t shut the cats up. I thought this product would solve all those issues, and it absolutely has.

I recognize that this product is described as a treat maze, but I have chosen to use it as my cat’s main food bowl. I initially provided both the maze all day and a secondary traditional food bowl in the evening but have since done away with the traditional food bowl all together because the maze is so successful.”

SmartyKat Bouncy Mouse

“My cat is literally obsessed with this toy and I have no idea why!!! It is SOO funny! She is a (three-year-old? No clue she’s a rescue) Maine Coon and I got her this once from a grocery store and she LOVED it. She plays with/chews it/attacks it so much that she eventually rips it apart, so I have gone through a few of them in the past couple of years. Had to research the makers on the tag to buy online as I moved away from the grocery store.

The one that comes in the mail is dif from the one in the pic which is fine cause it’s the original I got her. It is a beige with leopard print paws (cute). I really am unsure why she has taken to this toy so much but whatever, keeps her amused. I will probably buy a hundred more of these as time goes on.”

I hope you enjoyed this post and that it gave you some great alternatives to a lame old Laser Pointer toy! Is there a cat toy that your cat loves that isn’t on this list? Let us know in the comments!