Best Pet Fountain For 2017 – Review

Updated 12/19

Staying hydrated is a pretty important thing for cats because they have a tendency to dehydrate themselves. A lot of cats seem to love the water, but a majority of them don’t seem to care too much about staying up on their fluid intake. This is one of the huge benefits to pet fountains: They’re engaging for the cat. The running water is attractive and instinctively reminiscent of a stream or rivulet – something your cat might drink out of in the wild. Pet fountains also have filters and pumps, which keeps the water clean and flowing, as opposed to it getting stale by sitting around and possibly growing contaminants like algae.

We Chose the 3-In-1 Fountain by Flexzion because it exceeded our requirements for the Best Pet Fountain of 2017!

What is the best pet fountain in 2017? (hint: it works for cats & dogs)

wp_20161006_12_11_03_proHeading into 2017, I want you to keep this in mind for your pet fountain purchase: The best pet fountains are the ones that a cat will actually drink water from. We’ve had a few different fountains over the years to varying success (this one is the best) but in any fountain you should look for a few things: A filtering system for the water, a strong pump, and large water capacity.

Most every pet fountain you look at should have filters. A lot of the “cheaper” ones will have small, flimsy charcoal filters that are quickly and easily replaced, and should be swapped out on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. The filter, is actually one of my biggest considerations with pet fountains because it has the most direct impact on the quality of water your cat is drinking.

It irks me but a lot of fountains have the filter after the pump, which sucks because you just get tons of dirty water flowing through your pump, causing it to gum up and break. When pumps blow out, it’s usually cheaper and easier to just replace the bowl.

What fountain does Gabby have?

Gabby has the Flexzion 3-in-1 pet fountain. This is a great fountain that you can find on Amazon under various different names. The design is absolutely wonderful, and whoever originated it didn’t copyright it, it would seem, so there are dozens of brands (OxGord, Jumbl, and others) that are all – save colors – the exact same product. The one we purchased was the Flexzion version, and we are extremely happy with it.

We purchased our Flexzion 3-in-1 pet fountain a month ago, when I recorded a quick video with my first thoughts on the product. It has been a month since that video was taken, and I can say, unequivocally, this is the greatest pet fountain we have ever owned, and we’ve owned several through the years. One of my favorite parts about this fountain is that the filter is before the pump. Add to that the fact that every drop of water in her bowl goes through our Pur, and my baby has herself some clean water!


It also has measuring lines inside the food bowl so you can measure the amount of food you give your animal. It’s raised up, which is great for cats, and the water constantly flows. The pump is extremely strong, and there isn’t much difference between the low setting and the high setting – but the pump always runs quiet.

The filter is very robust and as long as you pull it out and clean it weekly, it doesn’t need to be replaced but once every two months or so. The only down-side to this fountain is that you do have to keep the water level pretty high. As the filter is so robust, you need the pressure from a large amount of water to keep the pump reservoir full. But that isn’t really a problem.

This pet fountain has honestly be life-changing for us and for our little kitty! It makes keeping fresh food and water available to her so much easier, and we are so glad we got it! It is a high quality product that will last us and our precious kitty for years to come. If you don’t have one of these, you absolutely need to get one for Christmas!


Our Pick For Best Pet Fountain

  • Durable Plastic Frame
  • Pump After Filter
  • Easy To Set Up
  • Lasting Filter
  • Strong Pump
  • Fairly Priced
  • Multi-purpose
  • Hard To Find Filters
  • Takes A Lot of Water
  • Lots of Knockoffs

Runner Up: Pioneer Pet Raindrop Ceramic

Pioneer Pet Stainless Steel  Fountain Raindrop Design , 60oz
List Price: $32.61
Price: $32.49
You Save: $0.12
Price Disclaimer
It was brought to my attention yesterday that some cats are allergic to plastic, and that drinking out of plastic bowls will cause them to have a reaction. In this case, stainless steal and ceramic bowls are preferred. Though they can be a bit more expensive ceramic bowls are non-allergenic to cats, they are easily to clean and will last you for years.

Stainless steel is another great option, and they usually run a few bucks cheaper than the ceramic (this Pioneer Pet Raindrop comes in both).

We chose the Raindrop for our runner up for several reasons. It has a large reservoir that your cat can drink from / paw at / play in (????). The pump bubbles up from the top, giving a pleasing “brook” or “stream” sound, and there is no free-falling water. Instead, the water goes down a slide on the side of the fountain. I understand that this is personal preference and is different for everyone, but our Gabby prefers streaming or flowing water to falling water.

Another gigantic plus for this fountain over others is that it has a filter that comes before the pump. This, really, is the most important part of getting a pet fountain. You could try and save some money and get a $12 fountain with one of those flimsy, thin charcoal filters that comes after the pump, but all you’re doing is burning money.

That filter does absolutely nothing to clean the water your pet is drinking, and in the end tons of algae, and food, and hair, and dirt, get into your pump and gum it up horribly, leaving you with a broken pump, and a bowl of stale, stagnate water. When the water is filtered before the pump, you avoid all of these things. The only water that makes it to your pump is clean of debris (like hair, food, and dust), and most of the algae forming bacteria has been removed by the charcoal filter.

The Pioneer Pet Raindrop Ceramic is a bit more expensive and doesn’t offer a built in food bowl, but it is a very high quality and very highly recommended pet fountain.

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